This has been an extremely strong year. We have worked as the national industry partner for The Drive Project and The Royal British Legion delivering the Bravo 22 Company production. Kim Hoffmann leads on the work as Creative Producer, with Newcastle Theatre Royal providing the mark of “industry excellence” as theatre partner. Project A is now in its third year and to date, we have an over 90% success rate of graduates gaining professional representation or working credit within six months of leaving us. 

In 2017/18 we had a total of 47,687 engagements including 5,812 individual engagements.
Bravo 22 Company

In February 2017 we began working on a project engaging 101 wounded, injured and sick service personnel to create a new piece of theatre based upon their stories and experiences. With participants from all over England, 30 people were selected to attend a four week residential in Weston Super-Mare, 16 to create a theatre cast, 13 for a film cast and one for a backstage placement with RSC designer Luke Robson. Unspoken was performed at a Gala event in the Theatre on Remembrance Sunday, 12 November. Through all engagements, including story gathering, workshops, auditions, development and rehearsals, we had a total of 12,474 contacts with our participants and a total audience of 1854, including workshops and a dress run.
Project A

We had a number of successes this year, not least one of our 14 students being selected for the annual Spotlight prize, competing against graduating students from the leading conservatoires. Indeed the only student from a “non-conventional” actor training provider. The student was quickly signed by International agency, The Narrow Road and has now worked consistently since leaving us in July. Another student was signed by another international agent, Shepherd Management, following a casting whilst still with us. Only one student did not gain an agent following their final showcase performance. The RSC have also confirmed their intention to continue to provide auditions/castings to each cohort and we look to further this provision.

Total engagements with the cohort amounted to 6,948, an increase upon the previous year due to the development of our visiting practitioner term and attendance at cultural engagements and events.
Weekly Workshops

We continued to be heavily subscribed for our weekly workshop provision and continued to develop new working partnerships and relationships. Including show back performances, there were 12,716 total engagements across our 30 week programme.
Community Engagement

Discussions with Twisting Ducks Theatre Company began and a new partnership and programme of work will begin in summer 2018, engaging with young learning disabled performers. Summer School was very popular and well received again.

LPN & Associate Schools Programme

The LPN project we deliver with the RSC ended after three years in July. It was extremely successful and has paved the way for the Associate Schools programme to take over where that ended. We now deliver the ASP with a group of 11 Schools from the Durham area and have so far successfully delivered one small festival and an RSC young people’s tour. Total engagements were very high as a result of the two performance events/tours with a total engagement (including audiences and participation) of 2,304.

Our private and public tours continue to be very popular and we regularly receive very positive feedback. Public Tours are now delivered monthly, on a Saturday morning and we aim to meet all requests for Private group tours. Over the year, 51 building tours were delivered to 903 individuals.
Relaxed Performance

This year we presented two Relaxed Performances in January 2018. Both events were extremely well attended and we received lots of positive feedback from our audiences. The visual story delivered to patrons prior to their attendance, pre-production visits, chill-out room and sensory room all helped to create autism-friendly environments. 1,227 audience members attended the relaxed events.
Newcastle College

Newcastle College have continued to engage with us on a weekly basis, visiting on 30 separate occasions throughout the year. A total of 1,540 engagements with 51 SEN students were created, ranging from theatre tours to Show Backs in the Studio Theatre for invited audiences.

Our theatre lover’s group has continued to run on a weekly basis for 40 weeks of the year, with between 2 & 3 weekly sessions being delivered, including our Day in the Life… events with members from visiting companies. We had a total of 1,242 engagements with the group.
Opera North

We have continued to work with Opera North delivering the Children’s Chorus. 61 young people have engaged with six members of the ON team, creating a total of 1,261 engagements.
Work Experience

Total engagements equated to 33, including interviewing shortlisted candidates from 53 applications.